Marian Docherty Principal
Sandra Grieve Depute Principal
Joyce Clark Business & Resources Manager
Teaching Staff  
Pauline Sutton Curriculum Manager
Yulia Lukyanova Lecturer – Sociology
Alice Gritti Lecturer – Psychology
Diane Watkins Lecturer – Psychology
Patrick Boxall Lecturer – Literature / Creative Writing
Neil Hargraves Lecturer – Philosophy / History
Gemma Robertson Lecturer – Support for Learning
Morag Kerr Lecturer – Support for Learning
Gerry Jankowski Lecturer – Maths
Laura Farrimond Lecturer – Maths
Hugh Cullen Lecturer – Politics and IT
Michel Byrne Lecturer – Gaelic
Neil McGregor Lecturer – Gaelic
Rona Lawson Lecturer – Gaelic
Rural Skills Teaching Staff  
Paul Connachan Lecturer – Rural Skills
Alick Bennett SRUC
Jackie Kane Administration Supervisor
Jennifer Swann Administration Assistant
Stephanie Linton Administration Assistant
Pauline King Human Resources Assistant
Kate Melvin Reception / Administrative Assistant
Miriam Southam Events Coordinator
Michelle Kerr Bookkeeper
Donna Mackie Curriculum Marketing
Gordon Wilson ICT Support Services Technician
Facilities and Estates  
George Currie Facilities Manager
Jason Dea Grounds Person
David Jack Caretaker
Catering Staff  
Stuart Capperauld Chef Manager
Tom Notman Cook Supervisor
Elaine Andrews Catering Assistant
Emma Baird Catering Assistant
Jackie Deffley Catering Assistant
Ryan McLean Catering Assistant
Natalie Sneddon Catering Assistant
Amy Williams Catering Assistant
Housekeeping Staff  
Frances Smith Domestic Team Leader
Lynne Howie Domestic Assistant
Lisa McGhee Domestic Assistant
Yvonne Webster Domestic Assistant
Samantha Weighand Domestic Assistant
Senga Armstrong Adult Achievement Coordinator
Laura Goble Community Woodland Ranger