Access to Higher Education (Celtic Studies) SWAP

Sam ShackletonI wanted to go to university and was looking into courses. I had an interest in Scotland and I lived in the Highlands for a while where I heard Gaelic spoken. Before I came to Newbattle Abbey College I had tried various courses but they weren’t for me. I had got involved in politics through the Independence Referendum and decided that I wanted to find out more about Scottish History and our Scottish Heritage.

I discovered the Celtic Studies course on the website. It’s a dynamic course, all the tutors are brilliant and it is a nice environment to study in.

The musical side of the course has been great too. My parents were musical and both played in a band and I have an interest in music. There has been really good crossover in the course between doing the Music unit and learning Gaelic songs. I have really enjoyed them both.

I am coming to the end of the course now and looking forward to going to university. I never thought that I would be going to university. I am quite surprised at how much the course has helped me and how much I have progressed in a year.

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