Young lady sitting at a window talking to a young manWhen you look back on it we hope you share the view of many that the experience of being a student at Newbattle was enjoyable and rewarding. We hope that you would like others to be able to share that experience in the future.

We have a scheme currently operating where we are asking former students to think of people they know who might want to come and study with us as you did. If you recommend someone who we accept and the student is still with us by Christmas then we will send you £50 as thanks.

It is our view that amongst the best students we have are those who have come by the route of recommendation from a former student. If you are able to do this could you complete the form below and we will send them an application form.

Note: You should provide us with an email address that you intend to use at least until the end of the year. The £50 referral fee is only paid if your friend is still enrolled by the winter break.