Access to Higher Education (Celtic Studies) SWAP

Rachel DanielMy family are from Pakistan but have been living in Scotland for a number of years. I was born in Scotland and am aware of my Pakistani heritage but also feel very Scottish.
The Admissions process for Newbattle Abbey college was good and everyone made it easy.

The support is fantastic here. Even if you get behind, you just speak to someone and they help you to catch up. It’s a family atmosphere, everyone knows each other. The classes are small and the other students are really supportive.

I definitely see connections between Gaelic and Urdu – the pronounciation of certain sounds is very similar. The traditional Gaelic songs sound quite like Punjabi – the scaling of them.

I have a passion for Archaeology and I am now going on to the University of the Highlands and Islands to study Archaeology. I can see how much of what I have learnt this year is going to be very useful, the Gaelic place names in the Highlands and the Celtic history.

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