Kevin Murray

Keving Murray

I was at Newbattle in 2004 and have almost too many memories to list! So many excellent times in and out of the classroom. Playing snooker in the games room, the halloween party and all the unofficial parties, the banter in political philosophy and psychology classes … the epic ping pong tournaments! The best thing wnas the people I met, some of whom are still friends to this day.

I work forthe Garvald Organisation, based in Edinburgh, with adults who have various learning impairments making sure they can access the community and live a full live. It’s a great job and my psychology modules at Newbattle come in handy!

Newbattle was special to me,  I think, because I chose to educate myself, which is not really how I felt about highschool.  I picked my classes and everything was my responsibility, so that was a new experience. Also, the location is stunning so that added a whole layer of magic on top of the fun of learning about things I was really interested in. Living with my fellow students was brilliant too, because we were all in the adventure together.