It is the policy of Newbattle Abbey College to ensure consistent and equitable treatment of employees who are considered to be experiencing difficulties in performing their work duties to the required standard.

Disclosure of Criminal Records

Newbattle Abbey College has a duty to ensure that students of the organisation are suitably protected and that anybody undertaking work at the College are disclosed for any applicable criminal conviction that may influence the execution of their duties.


In the event that is becomes necessary to implement a redundancy programme, the College will comply with existing legislation and agreed practice outlined in the document below.

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

The Disciplinary policy and procedure is a system to which Newbattle Abbey College and its employees shall have regard when matters of work conduct, performance and discipline arise.


Every member of staff has the right to seek redress for grievances relating to their employment. Whilst recognising the need for a formal procedure, it is accepted as a general principle that grievances are best resolved informally and as close to the point of origin as possible. In accordance with this principle, it is agreed that the formal process should not normally be used until attempts at informal grievance resolution have been exhausted.