Adults learn throughout their lives and in many different settings. Adult Achievement Awards give learners the opportunity to gain a qualification for the learning they have undertaken in a variety of places:

  • in the community
  • at work
  • in the home
  • in college
  • in volunteering programmes

The awards are currently available at 4 levels – SCQF Levels 2, 3, 4 and 6. There are no entry requirements for the awards.

Types of organisations currently delivering the Awards:

  • local authorities
  • third sector organisations
  • colleges
  • prison services
  • armed forces

How Do the Awards Work?

In all of the levels, learners are asked to review and reflect on the learning they have undertaken and plan for future learning. This learning may have taken place within the past 12 months or can be learning they are involved in at the moment. Support from Newbattle Abbey College Newbattle Abbey College is the national accreditation centre for the Adult Achievement Awards. The college produces Learner Guides, Reflective Journals and Tutor Guides and organises training programmes for tutors. The college will also provide administrative support and quality assurance advice.

For further information on how you or your organisation could benefit from taking part in the Adult Achievement Awards please contact Senga Armstrong on phone 0131 663 1921.